Working Together

Working with partners and stakeholders. Commissioners, local authority teams, families & friends

  • We encourage our Residents to form long lasting relationships with the people they know and trust.
  • We support commissioners and referrers to find the right service for the service user in their care.
  • Building a network of support around an individual is crucial in aiding their development families, friends and the wider community all have an important role to play.
  • We believe it's vital we support our health and social care communities, as they support us, and this includes building long lasting partnerships with Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities. We evaluate our services in partnership, to ensure the development of financially responsible and sustainable supported living schemes.
  • Summer Breeze has a robust clinical governance framework, engaging independent mental health professionals to participate in a comprehensive and rigorous process of ensuring that our services meet the high standards of the Care Quality Commission.

Information for Referrers

Summer Breeze accepts referrals from NHS mental health case managers and provider trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), community mental health teams, secure hospitals, mental health acute and psychiatric intensive care units, rehabilitation and recovery inpatient services, prisons and courts and social services.

  • We understand that as a Referrer, you know, support and care for the individual you are recommending our service to. You may already have a relationship with the individual, sometimes over many years and we believe you may be a key person in helping us determine if we are the best next step for them.
  • Our enhanced supported living services provide accommodation and 24/7 support for people living with a mental health diagnosis, learning disability or autism. Our aim is to work collaboratively to ensure we provide support packages which incorporate the individual’s needs, whilst our focus is on enabling people to achieve their goals and to become more independent.

To progress a referral we will need:

  • A completed Summer Breeze referral form
  • Current care plan
  • Risk assessment
  • Details of any incidents over the last 6 months

Common questions and answers

What is the referral criteria?

  • Male & female residents, aged 18+ who are willing to engage in recovery & social inclusion.
  • Can be on section 17 leave or if on forensic MHA section, on extended leave if approved by MOJ.
  • Can be on a community treatment order or DoLS
  • On admission residents must be stable on their current medication & medically fit.
  • We can support people with a diagnosed mental illness, mild learning disability or autistic spectrum disorder.
  • Individuals may have a primary mental health diagnosis e.g. schizophrenia, schizo affective disorder or bipolar, they may also have secondary needs relating to a learning disability, autism and personality disorder.

Unfortunately our teams cannot support individuals with a primary diagnosis of Personality Disorder or where Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder is either a primary or secondary diagnosis.

How are placements at Summer Breeze are funded?

  • Once a referral has been confirmed, confirmation of funding will then be required from the appropriate authority.
  • Placements are usually funded through the CCG or local authority, but can also be funded privately, through personal budgets or via independent case managers. We work closely with funding teams and can support with ensuring the correct information is provided in advance of funding panels.
  • High quality, evidence based supported living has proven to be cost effective. Community based services reduce the number of individuals in acute mental health hospital beds, and ease the reliance on statutory services.

How can Summer Breeze can help the referral process?

Summer Breeze is led by clinical professionals who understand the challenge of finding suitable support services and navigating a sometimes complex funding process. We are on hand to help manage the transition into community based services.

Is Summer Breeze registered with the Care Quality Commission?

Summer Breeze is registered with the Care Quality Commission for treatment of disease, disorder or injury & personal care under Care Organiser™.

We are committed to providing the highest quality services to the people we support along with their families and external health and social care professionals.

What Assessment Tools are used?

We utilise a range of occupational therapy based assessment tools to provide a baseline of an individual’s level of functioning, and as outcome measures. Some of the assessment tools are:

  • Occupational Self Assessment (OSA)
  • Model of Human Occupation Screening Tool (MOHOST)
  • The Functional Living Scale
  • Occupational Circumstances Assessment and Interview Rating Scale (OCAIRS)
  • Volitional Questionnaire (VQ)
  • Assessment of Community and Interaction Skills (ACIS)
  • Occupational Performance History Interview (OPHI)
  • Cognitive assessments such as 'CAM'
  • Basic skills education assessments in numeracy and literacy

Is Summer Breeze member of the local framework?

Summer Breeze is currently an accredited member of the ‘frameworks’ covering Nottinghamshire.

We also accept referrals from stakeholders out of area nationally.


For referrals and related enquiries, please contact:

  • Beau Reece: 07341 730558 (Business Development Manager)
  • Sarah Orton: 07540 240368 (Registered Manager)

Referral Pathway: