Covid-19 Information

Your Safety is Our Priority

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our residents, visitors and staff is our top priority.
Our plans are kept under regular review and are updated as and when advised by the public health authorities.

Rapid Testing

We are being extra vigilant in monitoring our teams for signs of the virus using rapid result tests as well as PCR tests.  Rapid testing will also be used to support additional visits in homes that are outbreak free when out of lockdown. Our regular PCR testing programme continues to safeguard service users and staff.

New admissions

"We are welcoming new residents safely, so please contact us if you are looking for care or need any further help."

Our services are still accepting new admissions but with a few extra measures to keep everyone as safe as possible. All new services are being asked to take a test for the virus prior to admission and are closely monitored thereafter.


Timing of the vaccinations is driven by the national vaccination programme, but we are doing all we can to support what is proving to be an effective process.  We recognise that staff and visitors require double vaccines to work or enter the service. Our number one priority remains the safety and wellbeing of everyone living and working in various services. 

Since the early stages of the pandemic, our teams have been working to a COVID-19 risk assessment plan which is updated to reflect any changes to government guidance.  This plan includes a range of measures aimed at both reducing the likelihood of new Covid-19 infections and reducing the spread of infections where they occur.  Our key focus are included below:

  • Our teams are following guidance around infection control and prevention measures and the correct wearing of PPE.
  • We have maintained a high stock level of PPE, cleaning and decontamination items and continue to source from multiple suppliers to reduce the risk of any future shortages.
  • We have been taking advantage of all available testing, ensuring colleagues have three weekly Covid-19 tests and residents are tested at least once a month.
  • Should there be a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 in one of our services, it will follow it’s Risk Management Plan which includes additional safety and IPC protocols.
  • Teams are receiving additional support to deliver enhanced cleaning regimes using high quality hygiene products.